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TheThrowAwayDays is a podcast hosted by Cody Jones that focuses on underground rap and skateboarding.
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May 1, 2020

a playlist curated by Cody Jones


kidDead - Fangs (feat. Farout)

B. Dolan - Economy of Words

Moemaw Naedon & B. Rude - Slobby Fischer

Cody Cody Jones - Yung Joe Dirt

C $ Burns & Riddlore - Get Enuff

DFRNT FRM - Different Form 

Googie - Kneecaps

LT Headtrip - Tempest

Sole - Red Lung

Tone Tank - Losing My Mind

Hot Take - Deep Fried

unsung - Message

Andrew - Things Fall Apart (feat. Gina Piccari)

Mar 1, 2020

a podcast curated by Cody Jones.


Trauma Lavern - 250cc revelation 

dfrntfrm - lost touch

ialive - one day at emma’s dunce cap, sol patches head trip, darko the super, googie, CCJ

jumbled & eben Dennis - swampwalk - fall stars

aesop rock - rogue wave

ecid - mountain mover for hire

awol one - so poor all i have is money

sole & DJ Pain 1 - outsiders

ialive - shop local ray strife, head trip, googie

therm & soul - myron cope

2mex - so many more words

chrome bills - verboastin feat dezmatic

totems - ashes

hurricane party - red crush 

Jan 21, 2020

Lnychpin (Googie & GDP) - These Muh Fuckers

Big Breakfast - Spartacus

bleubird - Oleander Wavy

Old Self - Friends

Roebus One - Static

Darko The Super - I Wish Das Racist Were Still Together

Existereo - Four Way Window Pain

ialive - Intercom

Jumbled x Cody Cody Jones - Swing and a Miss

Steve Monite - Only You

Niagara - L'amour a la plage

James Linck - Play Wonderwall

Googie - Quasars

Swordplay - Wolves

Sep 28, 2019

a playlist curated by Cody Jones


Curly Castro - Mortimo Planno

Swordplay - Soviet Television

Raymond Strife & ill-Omega - Heaven Is Empty

LT Headtrip - Water Wings

Dezmatic - Fam

BBguns - Blister feat. Hubbs, Moemaw Naedon

The Custodian of Records - Side A

Jack Wilson - Vuja De

Jumbled & Berko Lover - Praise Irma Thomas

Andrew - Mohemian Rap CD

ECID - Trusting The Universe

Height - Working Woman Blues

Ceschi - 1988

Astronautalis - The Rainmakers

D R O N E S - Coke Cans

Rickolus - Fallen Streets

Decibully - Temptation

Aug 1, 2019

Raymond Strife & ill-omega - Conflict

Height Keech - That's a Wrap For Radio Shack

NVSV - Wake Up Mr. Dragon

MC Homeless & Swordplay - Cracked Screen prod. C Money Burns

Beeb - Trans'msheon feat. Moemaw Naedon

C. Scott - Partially Parched

Curta - BuyMeShit

Yikes The Zero - Old Day Nu

Cody Cody Jones & MC Homeless & Moemaw Naedon - Carson Demo

Odd Nosdam - Untitled One

Buscrates - Gridiron Groove

Cody Cody Jones & Raymond Strife - One On One Verse

Nostrum Grocers - Camera

MC Homeless & illogic & Ceschi & Blastmaster Baker - Vampire Bite


Fri. Aug. 9th in Youngstown, OH @ West Side Bowl

Sat. Aug. 10th in Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room

Jun 26, 2019

A playlist curated by Coleman Jones. Some old, some new, some who cares.


Alleyes Manifest - Cool Breeze

Swampwalk - Graveyard

Tuff Turf - Violence Violence Violence

MC Homeless w/ Mic Ra - My Soul Can Never Die


Blastmaster Baker - Sludge

Zak G - Permanent Vacation feat. Old Self, Bald Afro

ialive - Garlic

Moses Rockwell - Out To Lunch feat. Dezmatic

Cody Cody Jones - No Way Out

Billy Woods - A Day In A Week In A Year


Sole & DJ Pain 1 - Godless feat. Decomposure

Proseed - There Goes The Sun

Alleyes Manifest - Life feat. Stillborn Identity

Swordplay - Erasure


Accept Yourself - Went 




Thursday, July 11th at Spirit in Pittsburgh, PA

Friday, August 9th in Youngstown, OH

Saturday, August 10th in Pittsburgh, PA at Rock Room









May 31, 2019

For this episode I have an in depth interview with MC Homeless conducted by me, Cody Jones. 



Sat. Aug. 10th in Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room w/ Cody Cody Jones, MC Homeless, Blastmaster Baker, more tba

Apr 15, 2019

Hurricane Party - Sunset Jet Ski

Rob Sonic - All The Drugs

Moemaw Naedon & Phalo Phontaja - Master Of Masks (feat. Homeboy Sandman)

Babeltron - The Clock Song


Ceschi - Lost Touch

Quelle Chris - Straight Shot

James Linck - Heart Shapes

Swordplay - The Dust Mutes


fbcfabric & reindeer - Soulsuck

Jack Wilson - Kids Tuff (feat. Chaotic Rawkus & Walky Ken)

Cody Cody Jones - Indie Rapper Starter Pack (feat. ialive & kidDead)

Sankofa - Pain In The Business

MarcFromMars - Professional


Dood Computer - A Hundred Bricks (feat. Dezmatic, Timmy Wiggins, & Angel Hands)

Raymond Strife & ill-omega - Cotton Weary

Mega Ran - Going To The Garden

Vockah Redu - Blame It On The Vockah


Lady In The Radiator - Parking Lot Two


a playlist of mostly indie/DIY/underground/art/whatever rap curated by Cody Jones


Fri. April 19th in Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle

Sat. April 27th in Austin, TX @ Homeless House

Mar 19, 2019

a curated playlist and random musings by Cody Jones


Moemaw Naedon & Brother Seamus - The Other Side

MF Doom - Deep Friend Frendz

Mister - Not The One

Count Bass D - Fat Girl

C. Scott & Buscrates - Mardi Gras


Therm & Soul - Sterner Stuff

Blastmaster Baker - Kayfabe Days

Subtitle - A Textbook Remix


Devin B - Grease

Johnny Torrance & pagezmusic - Introducing Me

C Money Burns - Creep Drone Demo

TMFSE & Pistol - Slanghouse


Abiyah - Champion Plaque (feat. Ceschi)

Cody Cody Jones - Space Button

Bleubird & Epic - Music Appreciation II

Hot Take - And You're Watching Disney Channel

Rich Jones - No Clue (feat. Mykele Deville)


Billy Paul - Let The Money Circulate


Fri. April 19th in Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle

Sat. April 27th in Austin, TX @ Homeless House

Jan 25, 2019

The Throw Away Days is a vessel for creativity.

This episode is a playlist of music curated by Cody Jones


Old Self - What's My Age Again

Count Bass D - My Blessing

ialive - Aim For The Hole In The Floor

Benny Beyond & The Archaeologist - Skateboards


Cindy Bluray & Curta - Noise Wash

Hurricane Party - Hurricane Party

Dezmatic - Ready Or Not

Straw Hair - Room Service


James P Honey - Look Down Your Nose At This One

Ceschi - Say No More (acoustic version)

Tom Waits & Ghostface Killah & DJ Halo & Gregory Pepper

unsung - Dawn


Blastmaster Baker - Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been... feat. PT Burnem

Sole - Battle Rap Against Oblivion

MC Homeless - The Depression Swag

Cody Cody Jones - Dream Catcher

Big Breakfast - 100 Grand


Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time


Friday, February 22nd at Rock Room in Pittsburgh

w/ Cody Cody Jones, ialive, Moemaw Naedon, Dark Money

May 11, 2018

a playlist of indie rap curated by Cody Jones. 


Wed. May 16th @ Howlers in Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Cody Cody Jones, Moemaw Naedon, Curta, Rich Jones


Curta - Prop Comic

Sole - Yeah

Eyedea & Abilities - Junk


Deadly Stare - The Electric Seaenfiora

Kenny Logins - Heart of Beige

Giddeon Gallows - Foxglove

Prinzeenalle - Dance Laser


Old Self - Word Art

Raymond Strife & ill-Omega - Warning feat. Rock, A Mankind Complex, RayRayBeats

Height Keech & Mister - 500


MC Homeless, Bobby Exodus, Spoken Nerd, PT Burnem, Swordplay

ialive, Cody Cody Jones, Blastmaster Baker - Call Of The Void

Mar 16, 2018

A playlist curated by Cody Jones, sponsored by Internet Skateboards, listened to by few.


Raymond Strife - I Thought The World Ended

Cody Cody Jones - 80's Baby At A 90's Party feat. Benny Beyond

Duncecap - Sore Throat

Torito - Golden Briefs


Adverse - AnyOneOfYou

Curta - Ghost Milk

Les Swashcuking Napoleons - So You Know

The Hell Hole Store - I'll Take What I Can Get feat Open Mike Eagle


Yak Ballz - Where I Wanna Be feat. Camu Tao

BB Guns - Mauve

Epic Beard Men - Dumb Ass Kids

Height Keech - Computer Rocker


Emily Rugburn - Bonus Track

Buck 65 - Who By Fire feat. Jenn Grant


Feb 23, 2018

Some phone interviews I did with Coolzey and Brzowski a while ago.



Jan 18, 2018

A playlist of jams curated by Cody Cody Jones containing excerpts from interviews with Coolzey & Brzowski which can be found at length at in the near future.


Tuff Turf - Body Hear

Anonymous Inc. - Reading Brecht & Feast Beta 1

Chef Fol - Liminal


ESH - Release The Hounds feat. Radclyffe Hall

ialive & Height Keech - Come Apart

Coolzey & Fresh Kils - Feel The People


Coolzey & Fresh Kils - Dilapidated Shack

John Wayne Gretzky - Us Two

Buck 65 - Love Will Fuck You Up


Big Breakfast - Lil Known Fact

Wolf Hotel - Skeleton Keys

OneWerd - Them A Vampire feat. Ceschi

Brzowski - Microplastics


Brzowski - Roll My Bones feat. K The I & Astronautalis


Dreadnots - At The Foot Of The Mountain

Cody Cody Jones - Waist Kid feat. MarcFromMars & Darko The Super

Joey Smooth - Ish


Swampwalk - Big Bro

TOYFRiEND - Halley's Comet feelHeart

James Linck - Black To Black


Darko The Super - Oscar Dies At The End

Oct 27, 2017

     Episode 27 of The Throw Away Days I sit down with Curta. Curta is a rapper from Denver, CO. We discuss his start in spoken word, transitioning to being a rapper, quitting his full time job to make time for his art, touring to make connections, and more. Take a listen to this conversation because it’s insightful if you’re an aspiring artists and/or fan of Curta. Also, I’m terrible at writing these discussion bio’s. Let the monkey masturbate.

Oct 4, 2017

For episode 26 of The Throw Away Days I sat down with K Death of Moodie Black at a coffee shop while they were touring through Philadelphia. The two of discuss K Death not wanting to pigeon holed as an indie rapper, Death Grips fans, not liking to collaborate, thinking rap names are silly, and more.


intro music by ialive.


outro song: Moodie Black - Hawk verses Vulture

Sep 14, 2017

For episode #25 Cody Jones sits down with Nashville based indie rap veteran, Spoken Nerd. The bearded southern gentleman, Nerd talks about making a conscience decision to make positive movie under the name Spoken Nerd in 2003, getting tour advice from Listener, starting his label Invisible Library with Kid Dead and Brandon Brains, and much more. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on IG, get The Throw Away Days tattooed on your forehead.


This episode is sponsored by Internet Skateboards


catch Cody Cody Jones at the following shows


Tuesday, October 3rd in Philadelphia, PA at Kung Fu Neck Tie

Thursday, October 5th in Brooklyn, NY at Muchmore’s

Friday, October 6th in Ithaca, NY at The Nines

Aug 31, 2017

Episode 24 w/ OneWerd from San Fransisco, CA.


ep sponsored by Internet Skateboards

hosted by Cody Cody Jones

Tue. October, 3rd in Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Neck Tie

The. October, 5th in Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore's

Jul 23, 2017

Listen to the mumblings of a drunk weirdo as he navigates his way through a playlist of mostly new underground rap he’s been obsessing over lately. 


Jim Swim - We’re So Tired

Dreadnots - Virtues of Failure

The Hell Hole Store - Three’s Company feat. Cody Cody Jones

LEFT FIELD - Dark Matter feat. Moemaw Naedon


ialive x Cody Cody Jones - Four to the Floor

kidDead - Captain Buzzkill

Lt Headtrip - Fall in Dreams feat. Googie


Googie - Beserk

Shark Tank - Ace

Busdriver - Hyperbolic 2

PT Burnem - Kng Dck feat. Swordplay & J. Ring


Candy’s 22 - Cool With Me feat. 2Mex

Jul 19, 2017

For episode 22 of The Throw Away Days Lt Headtrip tells me about his early days of rapping in Kent, OH then moving to NYC directly after high school to be around better rappers. He tells me about initially starting a house show scene in Long Island. Headtrip tells me about meeting some of the Karma Kids and a little of what he does for Karma Kids as well as a few future plans. Listen to Comedy of the Filth Beast. This episode is sponsored by Internet Skateboards. Send fan/hate/love mail and ad inquires to thethrowawaydays(at)gmail(dot)com.


Cody Jones

Jun 28, 2017

Episode 21 I talk to Kid Dead. Kid Dead starts off the interview talking about hitting rock bottom when he went to jail for selling an undercover drugs at a fest. From there he tells diving full into making rap music, proposing to an ex girlfriend at a Ramshackle Glory concert, and a lot more. This episode is sponsored by Internet Skateboards.


Cody Jones

Jun 13, 2017

For episode 20 of The Throw Away Days podcast I sit down with indie rap veteran Height Keech. We talk about everything from Height touring on other continents, his early days of making and performing music, his new release Mind Moves The Mountain, and much more. This episode is sponsored by Internet Skateboards.

May 30, 2017

playlist episode. old songs. new songs. medium aged songs. hosted by Cody Jones

Candy's 22 (Existereo & Barfly) - ZZZ
Darko The Super - Lofi Princess
ialive - Back In My Bag

Mad Dukes & Fresh Kils - Sookie Sookie
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs - Fresh Out The Box remix
The Man From Somewhere Else & AOI - 9 Milli Vanilli
Dezmatic, Elspinx, and Jack Of All Trades - Snipers Delight

Passage - Cleanest White Walls (prod. OneWerd)
Sracha Chakra - Tundra Death Nimbus
Cody Jones & Blastmaster Baker - Comes From Nothing(DJ Spaed)
Mooke Da God - Tippy Toes
Evolve - Golden Handcuffs
JE Double F - Devils Back Bone

B L A C K I E - Numbers Not A Name

May 27, 2017

The Throw Away Days episode 18 is with Raymond Strife. We talk about everything from Crack Filler to the new upcoming release Go For The Gusto. We also talk about Ray's new found sobriety. This episode is sponsored by Internet Skateboards and all the grandmas and grandpas out there making tasty treats for their spoiled grandchildren.

Apr 18, 2017

A playlist of new and old jams curated by Cody Jones.


ECID - Down To A Science (2017)

Cryptic One - Caged Bird (2017)

Height Keech - Amazing Spiral feat. Mister (2017)

Cody Jones - Chip Clip (2017)

Origen aka Will Stanton - Mid Winter Cold (2005)

Seez Mics - Float feat. Adeem & Big SLOP (2017)



JE Double F - Jagged Edge (2017)

B L A C K I E - Stay Up (2010)

Walter Gross - Naked Lunch (2017)


Swordplay & Pierre The Motionless - No Sleep (2013)

Shane Hall - Bombcast Intro (2013)


Kahlil Ali - Polo feat. Ray Ray Beats (2017)

Curta - Planned Obstacles (2017)

Ray Strife & iLL Omega - I Will Never Be Beautiful (2017)


Rabble Rousers - Apollo Dirt Team (2004)


thethrowawaydays(at)gmail(dot)com to send hate mail/submit music

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