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TheThrowAwayDays is a podcast hosted by Cody Jones that focuses on underground rap and skateboarding.
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Sep 28, 2019

a playlist curated by Cody Jones


Curly Castro - Mortimo Planno

Swordplay - Soviet Television

Raymond Strife & ill-Omega - Heaven Is Empty

LT Headtrip - Water Wings

Dezmatic - Fam

BBguns - Blister feat. Hubbs, Moemaw Naedon

The Custodian of Records - Side A

Jack Wilson - Vuja De

Jumbled & Berko Lover - Praise Irma Thomas

Andrew - Mohemian Rap CD

ECID - Trusting The Universe

Height - Working Woman Blues

Ceschi - 1988

Astronautalis - The Rainmakers

D R O N E S - Coke Cans

Rickolus - Fallen Streets

Decibully - Temptation

Aug 1, 2019

Raymond Strife & ill-omega - Conflict

Height Keech - That's a Wrap For Radio Shack

NVSV - Wake Up Mr. Dragon

MC Homeless & Swordplay - Cracked Screen prod. C Money Burns

Beeb - Trans'msheon feat. Moemaw Naedon

C. Scott - Partially Parched

Curta - BuyMeShit

Yikes The Zero - Old Day Nu

Cody Cody Jones & MC Homeless & Moemaw Naedon - Carson Demo

Odd Nosdam - Untitled One

Buscrates - Gridiron Groove

Cody Cody Jones & Raymond Strife - One On One Verse

Nostrum Grocers - Camera

MC Homeless & illogic & Ceschi & Blastmaster Baker - Vampire Bite


Fri. Aug. 9th in Youngstown, OH @ West Side Bowl

Sat. Aug. 10th in Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room

Jun 26, 2019

A playlist curated by Coleman Jones. Some old, some new, some who cares.


Alleyes Manifest - Cool Breeze

Swampwalk - Graveyard

Tuff Turf - Violence Violence Violence

MC Homeless w/ Mic Ra - My Soul Can Never Die


Blastmaster Baker - Sludge

Zak G - Permanent Vacation feat. Old Self, Bald Afro

ialive - Garlic

Moses Rockwell - Out To Lunch feat. Dezmatic

Cody Cody Jones - No Way Out

Billy Woods - A Day In A Week In A Year


Sole & DJ Pain 1 - Godless feat. Decomposure

Proseed - There Goes The Sun

Alleyes Manifest - Life feat. Stillborn Identity

Swordplay - Erasure


Accept Yourself - Went 




Thursday, July 11th at Spirit in Pittsburgh, PA

Friday, August 9th in Youngstown, OH

Saturday, August 10th in Pittsburgh, PA at Rock Room









May 31, 2019

For this episode I have an in depth interview with MC Homeless conducted by me, Cody Jones. 



Sat. Aug. 10th in Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room w/ Cody Cody Jones, MC Homeless, Blastmaster Baker, more tba

Apr 15, 2019

Hurricane Party - Sunset Jet Ski

Rob Sonic - All The Drugs

Moemaw Naedon & Phalo Phontaja - Master Of Masks (feat. Homeboy Sandman)

Babeltron - The Clock Song


Ceschi - Lost Touch

Quelle Chris - Straight Shot

James Linck - Heart Shapes

Swordplay - The Dust Mutes


fbcfabric & reindeer - Soulsuck

Jack Wilson - Kids Tuff (feat. Chaotic Rawkus & Walky Ken)

Cody Cody Jones - Indie Rapper Starter Pack (feat. ialive & kidDead)

Sankofa - Pain In The Business

MarcFromMars - Professional


Dood Computer - A Hundred Bricks (feat. Dezmatic, Timmy Wiggins, & Angel Hands)

Raymond Strife & ill-omega - Cotton Weary

Mega Ran - Going To The Garden

Vockah Redu - Blame It On The Vockah


Lady In The Radiator - Parking Lot Two


a playlist of mostly indie/DIY/underground/art/whatever rap curated by Cody Jones


Fri. April 19th in Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle

Sat. April 27th in Austin, TX @ Homeless House

Mar 19, 2019

a curated playlist and random musings by Cody Jones


Moemaw Naedon & Brother Seamus - The Other Side

MF Doom - Deep Friend Frendz

Mister - Not The One

Count Bass D - Fat Girl

C. Scott & Buscrates - Mardi Gras


Therm & Soul - Sterner Stuff

Blastmaster Baker - Kayfabe Days

Subtitle - A Textbook Remix


Devin B - Grease

Johnny Torrance & pagezmusic - Introducing Me

C Money Burns - Creep Drone Demo

TMFSE & Pistol - Slanghouse


Abiyah - Champion Plaque (feat. Ceschi)

Cody Cody Jones - Space Button

Bleubird & Epic - Music Appreciation II

Hot Take - And You're Watching Disney Channel

Rich Jones - No Clue (feat. Mykele Deville)


Billy Paul - Let The Money Circulate


Fri. April 19th in Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle

Sat. April 27th in Austin, TX @ Homeless House

Jan 25, 2019

The Throw Away Days is a vessel for creativity.

This episode is a playlist of music curated by Cody Jones


Old Self - What's My Age Again

Count Bass D - My Blessing

ialive - Aim For The Hole In The Floor

Benny Beyond & The Archaeologist - Skateboards


Cindy Bluray & Curta - Noise Wash

Hurricane Party - Hurricane Party

Dezmatic - Ready Or Not

Straw Hair - Room Service


James P Honey - Look Down Your Nose At This One

Ceschi - Say No More (acoustic version)

Tom Waits & Ghostface Killah & DJ Halo & Gregory Pepper

unsung - Dawn


Blastmaster Baker - Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been... feat. PT Burnem

Sole - Battle Rap Against Oblivion

MC Homeless - The Depression Swag

Cody Cody Jones - Dream Catcher

Big Breakfast - 100 Grand


Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time


Friday, February 22nd at Rock Room in Pittsburgh

w/ Cody Cody Jones, ialive, Moemaw Naedon, Dark Money